The Brownsville Dream Center offers a variety of serving opportunities and there are multiple ways to get connected. Here are the SERVE small groups available through the Brownsville Dream Center:

First Saturday SERVE Group

Serves local neighborhoods every week with simple acts of service while sharing God’s love and the life-giving message of Jesus.

Adopt-A-Block SERVE Group

Serves the community through service projects reaching practical needs and form genuine relationship with the goal of presenting them the gospel in creative ways on the first and third Saturday of every month from 4:00am-6:00pm.

Caravan Care SERVE Group

Aids stranded families by the border to meet their basic needs to provide hope through kindness.

Homeless Ministry SERVE Group

Feeds the hungry at our Adopt-A-Block site by providing services like cooking, helping and serving the homeless at the “Good Neighbor Settlement House“.

Setup and Takedown SERVE Group

Sets up community outreaches and provides parking assistance and shuttle transportation to outreach participants.

Project Leaders SERVE Group

Leads our skilled projects and family projects that occur on First Saturday Serve Days.

Administrative SERVE Group

Provides office administration support to staff and helps track relevant metrics for all outreach activities.

DC Kids SERVE Group

Serves kids in the community through fun and exciting youth outreaches and provides enrichment support to kids through after-school programming.



If you are interested in being part of one or more of the Brownsville Dream Center SERVE small groups, simply follow one of these steps to join a group and begin serving:

1. Attend Step Four of the ICC Growth Track and go to the Outreach/Dream Center team breakout. Step Four of the Growth Track occurs every month on the fourth Sunday, and the Outreach/Dream Center team breakout is offered at all International Christian Center campuses.

2. Attend First Saturday SERVE Day at the Brownsville Dream Center and request to join a SERVE Group.

3. Email us at dreamcenter@iccenter.org


If you are passionate about reaching others with the love of Jesus through practical service and making a difference in your community, then we would love for you to be part of our outreach team at the Dream Center.